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Events For December

Unduwap Full Moon Poya
This day marks the historic event of bringing the right sapling of the sacred Bo-tree under which Gauthama Buddha attained enlightenment in India. The sapling of the Bodhi tree was brought by Arahat Theri Sangamitta sister of Arahat Mahinda and daughter of Emporer Asoka.

Turf Horse Races
It is the “Mini Season” in Nuwara Eliya and a two day Horse race meet is generally held at the Nuwara Eliya Race Course.
Christmas day
Christmas day, 25th December which marks the birth of Jesus of Nazareth is celebrated in Sri lanka Christmas celebrations often combine the marking of Jesus' birth with various other traditions and customs which include the display of Nativity scenes, Holly and Christmas trees, the exchange of gifts and cards, and the arrival of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. It is preceded by Christmas Eve on December 24, which is celebrated by parties and traditional dinner dances organized mainly by popular hotels which go on until Christmas day, Boxing Day on December 26 however is not generally celebrated in Sri lanka

Sri Pada or Adams Peak season
Sri Pada or Adam’s Peak as it is known to the Westerners, is a mountain 2237 meters high situated in the South - west corner of Central Highlands. Thousands of pilgrims from many faiths climb the mountain to pay homage and make observance commencing from full-moon day of December to the full-moon day of April the following year. Buddhists believe that it enshrines the foot print of Gauthama Buddha at the summit. Hindus, Muslims and Christians also make pilgrimage for their own religious reasons. The Spectacle of sunrise from the mountain top is an unforgettable sight.

New Year’s Eve
Many activities on New Year’s Eve is organized, which include dinner dances, private parties lighting of fire crackers which continue until dawn, Most of the hotels in the country will host events to celebrate the New Year. Churches hold a mid-night mass on the eve of New Year

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