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 Traditional Festivals & Pageants

The people of Sri Lanka have always been inclined towards festivals, rituals and ceremonies Interspersed with a multiplicity of cultures, religions and ethnic diversity, the country’s ancient civilisation endows the island with a legacy of vibrant traditional and religious festivals with not a month going by without a religious or traditional event taking place. The full moon (poya) day is one of such that has special religious significance with the months of February, May, June, July/August being celebrated on a higher scale. The exact dates of Sri Lanka’s festivals change from year to year as they depend on lunar or solar phases, and some events may not necessarily take place due to various reasons. The most grand traditional events held in the country are the Esala Perahera, Navam Perahera and Vesak Full moon poya day. Check out on other events and festivals in our Event calendar.

Navam Perahera        
The Kandy Esala Perahera        
Vesak Poya        
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